Bible Verse to Help You Sleep Peacefully

Whenever I have a tough time falling asleep, I read this verse out loud, to remind myself of God's care.

In peace I will lie down and sleep,
for You alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8 

I repeat it, over and over in my mind, and as that verse gets absorbed into my mind and heart, I can feel my tense muscles relaxing.  I start to breathe deeply, peacefully.  I remember that God cares about everything concerning us.  He even cares that we have a peaceful night of rest.

Good night... Sleep tight... you are deeply loved.  


  1. Love you Lynn! Thank you for sharing those precious words..

  2. Anonymous3/14/2013

    This is beautiful and helped the first night I found it :-) Thank you!

  3. Anonymous3/17/2013

    You are an angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.

  4. Anonymous5/01/2013

    Thank you so much. The Lord always sends an angel to watch over His children.

  5. Very makes me feel ”cozy” thank you and goodnight and thank you Father

  6. Very makes me feel ”cozy” thank you and goodnight and thank you Father

  7. Anonymous1/12/2014


  8. Anonymous4/17/2014

    I've used this every night for years,just like Jesus told the devil,It Is Written! I will both lay down in peace,and sleep:for thou Lord,only makest me dwell in safety! In Jesus Name So Be It!

  9. Thank you=) God bless

  10. Anonymous5/31/2014

    I am going to try it tonight. Our Father Jehovah thinks of every bit of our happiness. thank you.
    Bless all of you who are having a restless night .......Blessings.and sweet dreams

  11. Anonymous6/19/2014

    Very powerful prayer. Thank you Lynn. Thank you Dear God for your precious love

  12. Anonymous6/22/2014

    Thanks I'll sleep peaceful knowing thy most high God is watching overs us all his childrens. Love u all